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Solving future problems and challenges in technology and society – achieving this goal, together with other very well-educated bright minds, will only be possible by working as a team to shape the future in a humane manner, true to the motto of the University of Siegen!

We would like to empower you to do precisely that in Faculty IV: School of Science and Technology. That’s where you will find all STEM (mathematics, Computer Science, natural sciences and technology) disciplines united under one roof. Our Study Programs offer a variety of choices and options for specialization and are characterized by very good to excellent supervision ratios with personal and intensive support.

Our research, which is closely associated with education, tackles, the following areas, among others, as important topics for the future:

Information Smart systems, safety, security and new technologies

Sensing Adaptive & human-oriented information

Sustainability Mobility, energy, infrastructure & production

Overview of our study programsInformation about the research centers

As part of a regionally anchored Institution of higher education, we combine tradition and modernity with subject-related Study Programs, dual Study Programs and an exciting interdisciplinary range of courses (also in English), both in Teacher Education and Didactics of Romance Language and in the areas of Elements and Principles of applied research, always with high quality standards and with an excellent international network.

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